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My new flash MMORPG development blog

2008-01-29 13:31:46 by amo1984

This is my second multiplayer flash project. My first was a simple multiplayer snake game, which was initially developed to test out the strengths of different servers, and their ability to support on sync data transmission from both local(server) and client side.

This second project is much more complicated comparing to the first, well, anyway, for those who are interested in the progress: Click here to visit the development blog

My new flash MMORPG development blog


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2008-01-29 14:54:54

Where did you host your server? I'm curious whether it was a VPS or real. Can you give tips on where to look for servers that can host server technology, like oh, say, SmartfoxServer?

amo1984 responds:

A dedicated server or even a VPS with 512MB ram or above (well, actually any type of servers that allow you access to the _root path) should do you the work, thou, you will have to pay for a license (for SmartFoxServer or FlashMediaServer etc)

If you do not wish to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars for the license, then just go ahead and search for "fms hosting" in google instead.

I am using my desktop as a server (combining Apache, MYSQL and FMS for debugging), and my server for the snake game is hosted on Micfo.


2008-01-29 21:18:10

What kind of socket server are you using? Smartfox, your own, or something else?


2008-01-30 10:42:25

can i play it????


2008-02-23 17:20:09

Well, none of your other games work. Why should i be so excited?


2008-10-02 05:39:52

looks good :D


2009-06-06 13:27:44

I want to play snake how do is work i want play